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Private Equity Examines Medical Practices

Picture Of A Doctor's Office
Private Equity Examines Medical Practices
Texas Tribune Reports Uptick in PE Interest in Primary Care Practice Groups
A recent Texas Tribune article highlights evidence that private equity firms are eyeing the Primary Care market in Texas:

“Consolidation in health care is nothing new, and private equity firms have for years been buying up specialty practices in areas like anesthesiology and radiology.

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Business Owners Want More Time

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A recent Inc Magazine/Manta survey of Small Business Owners listed their goals for 2012:
1. Grow the Business
2. Improve relationships with friends and family
3. Eat healthier
4. Work out More
5. Work less
In other words Entreprenuers say they want more time and more energy. I can help.
As a Partner with the national CFO Services firm, B2B CFO®, I provide affordable, professional financial management services to business owners.…

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First Quarter Points Toward Turnaround Actions and Strategies

Man On Top Of Mountain

With the earnings reporting coming out now for the first quarter of 2012, it’s instructive to take a look at a few turnaround actions and strategies.
We provide CFO services, typically for businesses of $1 million to $30 million in revenue, but we are always trying to learn lessons from businesses of all sizes, large and small.…

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions List

It’s the time of year when we think of what we could have done better last year and how we are going to fix it in 2015. One of the items that we often overlook as a smaller business is the budgeting and planning process. Generally, I have run into two objections to the process.…

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What CFOs Must Do Following a Merger

Businessmen Fighting Over A Money Bag

Well before the ink is dry on any acquisition document, the astute CFO will know that one size does not fit all when it comes to delivering on the expected value of the transaction. But one element is true in all cases: proactive planning for a smooth close and first 100 days is the first step.…

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