Business Owners Want More Time

A recent Inc Magazine/Manta survey of Small Business Owners listed their goals for 2012:
1. Grow the Business
2. Improve relationships with friends and family
3. Eat healthier
4. Work out More
5. Work less
In other words Entreprenuers say they want more time and more energy. I can help.
As a Partner with the national CFO Services firm, B2B CFO®, I provide affordable, professional financial management services to business owners. And sure, there are numerous benefits to hiring your own Chief Financial Officer. Because serious financial management will improve cash, profits and grow the value of your business.
But more importantly, having your own CFO will result in reduced stress, increased personal wealth, more free time, the peace of mind that comes with reduced cash flow worries, and a solid retirement plan with security for your loved ones. Here’s how I can help small business owners in 2012.
1. Grow the Business – top line growth is exciting, but if it doesn’t come with higher or sustained margins, it may be a waste of effort or worse may kill your business. Serious financial management will provide planning tools, metrics, focus and understanding of your numbers. When you understand what’s happening, you have SMART growth.
2. Improve relationships with friends and family – most relationships need time and energy to nurture them. If you want things to change in your life, you have to get back control of your time. At B2B CFO® We talk about Finders, Minders and Grinders in an organization. As a business owner your job is to be the Finder. Your focus is on the future and you are growing the business by nurturing customers and driving strategy. Unfortunately, too many business owners find them selves moving into a Minding role: checking cash flow, dealing with the banks and insurance, monitoring vendor payments, creating customer invoices. This is when the 80 hour weeks start to happen, and growth starts to recede.
3. Eat Healthier – everyone says they want to eat healthier but somehow never get around to it. We all could lose a few pounds but diets and 12 hour days aren’t very compatible. I offer two solutions to eating better and losing weight, without typical starvation type diets. As an entrepreneur you have the focus and intelligence to try this approach. Slow Carb Diet – from Tim Ferris The Four Hour Body the slow carb diet focuses on foods that the human body is evolved to eat. Tim takes a “hack the body” approach to figure out what works and what does not. Heavy on protein, green vegetables and legumes is what works. Give up grains, white goods, fruit and dairy. Sounds tough? Not really, and the kicker is that you get to pig out every Saturday – this is required to fool the body and keep up the weight loss. This book will tell you all you need to know about metabolic systems – the why and how of weight loss in a very entertaining way. Paleo Diet – another form of life style diet that also focuses on the ideal human diet, but allows fruits. Most of our diseases and weight gain can be attributed to grains and dairy – foods that the body was never evolved to consume.
4. Work Out More – You could try P90X, one of the heavily advertised TV fitness courses, but it requires 60 minutes a day or more to get an iron body. I stuck it for 3 weeks – never did get my six pack. So how do you get fit and stay fit – efficiently. The kettle bell is a 1,000 year old Russian fitness device. It was adopted by the US Special Forces when they discovered that Russian Spetznatz were kicking their butt in joint training exercises. You need forty to fifty pounds for men, 25 to 30 Ibs for women. Do 75 kettle bell swings per day, three days a week. It works all your muscles and improves your cardio health. Takes about 30 minutes a week total. No need for treadmills and weight machines.
5. Work Less – The B2B CFO mantra is to work efficiently and focus on what you do best – Finding. If you are working 80 hours a week, it’s time to do a reality check. Building the value of your business requires that you work less, more efficiently and delegate more. A good first step is to bring in a professional financial manager to focus on cash, profits, technology and value. In partnership you can identify and plug the time leaks, and start to focus more on strategy and growth – as well as personal and health goals.

B2B CFO® is the nation’s largest CFO firm providing small and mid-market business owners with CFO services on a part-time basis.

We are more than 200 CFOs with over 6,100 cumulative years of experience. No matter what your company’s issues or needs are, it is highly likely that we have already successfully handled similar situations and have worked in your industry. No accounting firm or independent CFO can match us. All this experience is available to any business owner engaged with a B2B CFO® Partner.

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