Why You Need A CFO

Why You Need A CFO Sometimes the hardest task I have, is to explain to business owners and my networking contacts what exactly a CFO does. In simple terms a CFO is a highly experienced financial executive, who can help drive your business to greater profitability and end value using a variety of techniques and… Read more »

Behave Your Way to Obtaining Capital for Your Business

In his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. Stephen Covey recounts a conversation with a man who hated attending out-of-town training events. The man explained that his wife calls and hounds him on every detail of the day, whom he dines with, etc., and that he felt imprisoned by it. He also… Read more »

Five Steps To Create Effective Cash Flow Projections

Creating effective cash flow projections is important for every business. The frequency depends on the stage of your company: stable and steady, monthly is fine; high growth, crisis, or contracting, weekly is imperative. The layout in its simplest form is: Beginning Cash Balance + Cash Receipts (In) – Cash Disbursements (Out) = Ending Cash Balance.… Read more »


“Cash is the life blood of any business”; and “Cash is king!” are two well known statements for business owners stressing the importance of cash. If cash is essential to all business, why do companies (or families for that matter) struggle with cash flow? Simply stated: They spend more than they earn. You may be… Read more »