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RGV to Lead State in Growth through 2040–But are we Ready?

RGV state growth

I have long believed that the greatest opportunity in the state of Texas, and in the nation, is in the Rio Grande Valley.  After all, that’s why I concentrated my studies on international commercial law in law school, and why my bride and I returned home (for me) over 20 years ago.…

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What is a CFO anyway?

Difference between CFOs, controllers, & CPAs

As I near my second anniversary with B2B CFO®, I have certainly gained a heightened appreciation and understanding of the unique patchwork of businesses that make up the Rio Grande Valley economy.  One thing that I have noticed that is of particular interest to me, is the lack of formality and specificity with which we use the terms “accountant”, “controller”, “CFO” and others in our region.  …

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